Friday, March 31, 2006

Ballard Farmers Market

The Ballard Farmers Market is my new fave Sunday destination. Not too big, but plenty of goodies to taste and purchase.

There was an artisanal pasta maker there who fashioned gnocchi and handmade ravioli that were just gorgeous. I had some last night - Nettle Ricotta Ravioli. Each one was about the size of your average Post-It, and the pasta itself was lovely - durham wheat, nice texture (not overly chewy), and delicious. The filling was fairly light on the ricotta (which I admit I love, and will happily eat by the spoonful if given the chance), and stuffed with nettles and herbs. They had a nice spinach-y, minty flavor, and good ratio of filling to pasta. Overall, very tasty, and a perfect early-spring treat. I'll definitely try his other varieties in coming weeks.


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