Friday, March 31, 2006

Fried Chicken!!!

Typically, I mock the Cult of Oprah. However, Ms Winfrey is a big gal from the south, so while I don't care what she thinks about home decor or new novels about women's struggles, I do care what she thinks about food.

And Ezell's fried chicken is her favorite. She apparently has it Fed-Exed to her homes on a semi-regular basis.

I had a 2 piece dark (I always get dark meat - much yummier and juicier than white), with mashed potatoes and gravy and cole slaw. The chicken was nothing short of perfect - crispy-shattery exterior, totally moist meat. Just awesome. The potatoes were not great; gummy and lumpen, with too much mediocre gravy. The slaw was inoffensive. But oh, the chicken!

If I had Oprah money, I'd have it shipped to myself too. You go, girl.


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