Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Horsing Around

Please note: The following post is graphic and not intended for the easily offended. If you are easily offended, a Republican, or from South Dakota, read no further. Oh, and go to hell.

Toad, you may ask, why did you move back to Seattle?

Was it culinary school? The weather? The food?

It was the fact that the top story in Washington last year was about a man who had been consensually buggered to death by a horse.

On March 1st, lawmakers passed (with a vote of 98 - 0) Senate Bill 6417, making sex with an animal, alive or dead, a class C felony.

How great is it that they needed to include the clause "alive or dead" ?!? You know, just so the necrophiliacs in the bestiality world are held to the same legal standard. If you scroll down to page 12 of the bill (link provided above), you'll see they apply the same exacting standards to the definition of human/animal sexual contact.

Insert your own My Friend Flicka joke here.


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