Monday, March 06, 2006

The 5 Stages of South Dakota

The Kübler-Ross model describes, in five stages, the process by which people deal with grief and tragedy.

I humbly submit the Vargo model of the 5 stages of driving through South Dakota:

1. Denial – “There is no possible way I can still be in South Dakota.”

2. Anger
– “If I ever go on a killing spree, it's gonna be in fucking South Dakota.”

3. Bargaining
– “I vow to make straight A's, volunteer my time to needy children, and donate a kidney if I can just get the hell out of South Dakota.”

4. Depression
– “I swear I’m going to kill myself in South Dakota.”

5. Acceptance – Now entering Wyoming


Blogger Brenda said...

OK, so tell me your trip through Wyoming was any more exciting? Ever been through Nebraska? Kansas? North Dakota? How about Nevada, Idaho or Arizona???

11:52 AM  

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